"Most worn adornments..."

"Drop dead gorgeous..."

We asked some of our buyers to let us know their thoughts about Madeline's jewelry they've purchased.

Testimonials from buyers of Madeline's Jewelry

"I have been a customer of Madeline for several years and I am always thrilled and excited to see her new pieces of jewelry.  I have purchased pieces for friends and family and have yet to not have an overjoyed reaction from the recipient.  They all tell me how many of their friends compliment the piece by saying how beautiful and unique it is and that it has become one of their most worn adornments.

I enthusiastically suggest attending Madeline's next show!  You will not be disappointed."

Michael Cleavenger

"My Madeline Rabb jewelry makes a statement whenever my outfit isn't saying much!"

Madeleine Burrell

"Madeline's jewelry makes an understated statement, allowing me to be creative and artsy while complementing who I am. Wearing her jewelry is like putting on that favorite piece in your wardrobe that you know fits well and is drop dead gorgeous on you!"

Cynthia Young

"Makes a statement..."

"Wearing a work of art..."

"I love how I feel when I wear one of Madeline's beautiful creations (and
believe me, I have collected quite a few). Since each piece is unique, I
know that I have something no one else has. Each one is like wearing a work of art."


Nancy Dschida

"I have been a fan of Madeline's timeless pieces of jewelry for several years
now. Not only are they unique but also express her personal touch of wit in such a stylish way.  I always get compliments when her pieces adorn me. I have also found them to be wonderfully priced  treasures to give as gifts."

Helen Jaeger Roth

"It's about the art, Inspiration. From her Vision, eye, hand comes jewelry with a ver special flavor. Classy with funk, sparkling within.Personal and unique is the feeling of those I've gifted from Madeline's creativity.

I feel special, by Design, when wearing.


Walter Street

"Classy with funk, sparkling within..."

"Uniquely masculine..."

"I adore the cufflinks you designed for me! They surpassed my vision of what the stones should look like!

My collection of Murphy Rabb cufflinks are uniquely masculine pieces.  They are unlike any others in my collection and are truly made for the man who wants unique pieces and has a love and desire for fine jewelry.  They are elegant but at the same time very modern with timeliness to them."

Gregory Thompson

"Quietly elegant..."

"Timeless pieces of jewelry..."

"I enjoy wearing your cufflinks because they are unique and stylish. They are quietly elegant.  I always receive compliments which makes me feel good (reinforces my decision to buy them) and brightens my day.  I realized that I am wearing French cuff shirts way more than I ever had in the past."

Lewis H. Myers


Chicago jewelry designer Madeline Murphy Rabb is an internationally recognized artist with over 30 years of experience as a painter, collector, arts patron, world traveler, fine art consultant, lecturer, curator of private collections and arts administrator.


Our jewelry is available for purchase on this website, or by special sales events at my atelier.  You can always contact us for details to make a private appointment to shop as well.






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